Competence Management and Verification Services

Organisations increasingly need to demonstrate to their customers that they have a trained and competent workforce. Larger organisations may have an in-house team. Smaller firms often do not have the experience or specialist knowledge to set up or audit their own systems. This is where OACD can help.

Sample Projects have included:

• Development of core material for an offshore competence assessor distance learning programme (CBT / or online due to bandwidth considerations) with a specialist online content provider.
• Consultancy - Train the Trainer for Terminal Operations Company
• Consultancy - Assessor Training for Terminal Operations Company delivered in Dubai & Singapore
• Project - Developing a revised offshore Competence Framework for UK Sector of a multinational Oil Company. UK Project rep for the development of a Global Competence Management system.
• Project - Interim Competency Management - Training and Competence Review for a major Multinational Oil Company. Reviewing Training & Competence needs of Offshore workers

Sample Services

• Competence Systems Audit. Do you need an independent Auditor – to review your systems prior to client audit?
• A systems overhaul to make systems more user friendly and encourage candidate completion?
• Assessor and Verifier skills training?


OACD’s director Jayne has extensive experience in managing a number of subject approvals for a number of awarding bodies including SQA & ECITB. Acting as head of Centre or Centre Coordinator for several organisations.

Subject areas managed included:
Assessor and Verifier Training
Electrical, Instruments & Mechanical Approvals for ECITB
Processing Hydrocarbons
Deck Operations
Moving Loads
Health & Safety SQA
Customised awards in Fabric Maintenance & Drilling

Jayne’s own occupational competency is in Management and Learning and Development qualifications. is a qualified Assessor & Verifier.
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